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10 Reasons Why You Should Move To San Diego CA

Thinking of moving to San Diego CA? We can tell why, it is the land of surf and sun and laidback lifestyle! San Diego is great for anyone – families with kids, young professionals, people that are into arts, outdoors and culture etc. There are many reasons why you should move here, but we came up with the list of top 10. Spoiler alert – the list is not ending there, reasons are numerous.

  1. Sun and even more sun

Just imagine, it is December and most of the country is covered in snow or freezing cold temperatures. On the other hand, there is you, living in San Diego, far away from all of this because it is the city with most days being sunny and temperature doesn’t go below 70 degrees. Yes, it rains sometimes, it is not that perfect, but for the majority of the year you will be able to soak in sunshine. Nothing can beat the consistent mild temperature, blue sky and sun shining, so San Diego is a perfect place for those who consider cold their worst enemies.

  1. Job opportunities

San Diego is a home to innovative companies such as Qualcomm, Illumina and Dexcom. On the other hand, it is surrounded by some of the top schools like UC San Diego, San Diego State University and University of San Diego. If you are seeking a military career, there are 5 bases located in San Diego. Over recent years there are more companies that decided to move their headquarters here. Some of them are Amazon and Apple. From tech and biotech startups to healthcare organizations to craft breweries, there is never a shortage of transformative companies in San Diego. So there is no reason to worry what will happen with your career when relocating to your new home.

  1. Beach life

If you think it can’t get any better, we are just warming up! Locals like to say that all roads in San Diego lead to the beach. Who doesn’t like sunsets, surfboard, great tan and water sports? San Diego can offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Sun and sand – all you need in order to forget the stress. During the winter you can enjoy a nice walk along the shoreline or even surf because there are no swimmers. During the summer there are countless options – surfing is always a good idea, so we have to repeat it. Besides that there are the best water-sport options here, such as sailing, surfing, scuba diving, swimming, rowing, kayaking or anything else on the water that comes to your mind. If you are not someone who loves to take a stroll in the sand, there are plenty of boardwalk and water-front options as well.

  1. Delicious food and craft beer

Considering San Diego’s proximity to Mexico, you will have the opportunity to try out unreal mexican food here! However, there are many other cuisines, pretty much you can try food from anywhere on the planet. Eat your way around the world! There are many local and independent restaurants in San Diego. The best fish tacos are found right here. And what goes better with taco than craft beer? San Diego can offer you the best craft beer scene in the US and one of the best in the world. Our recommendation is to start with beer gardens and its tasting-room-in-a-garage breweries, such as Lost Abbey and Stumblefoot Brewing Company and then continue to the elite Stone Brewing Company. Whatever you imagine – you will find it here.

  1. Outdoors living

San Diego is an ideal place for hiking. Not only there are many hiking trails, but you will get the chance to enjoy wonderful ocean views and panoramic views. Hiking is just unreal in San Diego. Even if you are not a big fan, you will become. There are many different trails, so if you are looking for ocean views go to Torrey Pines in Del Mar, if you are already a professional hiker and you want to challenge yourself head up to Potato Chip Rock in Poway. The highest point in San Diego County can be reached by a trail up to Double Peak. Once you move to San Diego, you will see that there are many people outdoors enjoying nice weather and making friendships for life. There are also countless parks in the area, what makes it perfect for families with kids.

  1. Friendly people

If you love meeting new people and befriending them, San Diego is a perfect city for you! Residents of San Diego are one of the most friendliest people, so don’t worry about being new in the neighborhood, that will last just until you leave your home. Considering there are many outdoors activities it won’t be hard to socialize.

  1. Vibrant nightlife

San Diego is a big city, but it has a small town vibe. However, if you are looking for a party, it can be found on every corner! There are bars and clubs all around the city. Drinking beer is kinda a way of life here, so even the most high-end establishments are unpretentious. If you love a laid back lifestyle, this is it. Looking for a beachy dive bar and young crowd? Check out Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. For a sophisticated night out with a glass of a good wine, check out La Jolla and Del Mar. And if you want to party like in Vegas, there is the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego.

  1. Weekend getaways

If your favorite activity for you and your family is to spend weekends elsewhere, San Diego is great for that. Big Bear Mountain is just two hours northeast if you are missing snow. You can go snowboarding and skiing in the winter. Julian is a place you must visit to try out one of the best apple pies and ciders ever. If you want to check out some new beaches, you can always go to LA or Orange County.

  1. Museums and zoo

We believe your kids will love San Diego Zoo. It is a very famous destination for those who want to learn more about wildlife. For residents of San Diego, the zoo offers affordable year-round passes. This is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world to walk around because of its plethora of vegetation. The landscaping of the zoo is just amazing! If you prefer to learn more about history, instead of wildlife, there are many museums around the town where you can find pretty much anything you have been looking for – art, history, science and much more.

  1. Location

Last, but not least – San Diego’s location. San Diego is just a quick drive away from fun, popular destinations like Mexico, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and Disneyland. Within the city there are great universities, which makes San Diego a popular destination as well.

Now when you learned more about San Diego what are you waiting for to get here? Get your San Diego CA movers and pack up your bags. See you soon!

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