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Frequently Asked Questions


Relocation of plants is tricky no matter how professional movers are. The reason is simple – you cannot wrap up a living plant with plastic wrap and keep it safe in a truck. That is why most of the local moving companies recommend you to move plants on your own if possible. If not, they will gladly help you, but won’t be able to guarantee the safety of the plant.


Every moving company has its weight limit when it comes to relocation of particular items. A pool table is the item that is usually heavier than professional movers can take. Every professional moving company will refuse to move anything that they cannot guarantee it can be 100% safely moved. When it comes to City Pro Movers San Diego, our company’s policy is not to move pool tables.


Ikea furniture is usually light, so there is no reason why local movers cannot move it. The trick when it comes to Ikea furniture is its quality once it is disassembled and reassembled back. It is not the same. This is the reason why we at City Pro Movers San Diego relocate Ikea furniture without taking it apart.


Having a local furniture movers helping you with heavy lifting will save you from injuries and damages, that is why it is fair if you decide to tip them. However, you are not obligated to do so. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you. Make a decision based on a level of your satisfaction.


Finding moving companies today is not that hard, because in every area there are dozens of local moving companies. But the trick is – how to find the best local movers that can assist with your moving situation. First thing you can do is to ask someone who you can trust for the recommendation. If that is not the case, you will have to use the internet and you should type ‘movers near me’ or ‘local movers near me’ on your internet search and start the fun. This way you will target only local movers in your area while getting the best results. Don’t rush, but read carefully what every local moving company can offer.


Every professional moving company has experienced staff that can offer you the right advice when it comes to hiring the movers. Based on the size of your home, square footage, heavy items, stairs and much more your moving company will provide you with the number of movers that will perform your move safely and in a timely-manner.


When it comes to scheduling local furniture movers, you have to find someone who is licensed and insured. In that case, if movers break something you will be protected by basic coverage insurance and you will get the support you need from your local movers. Every professional movers worry about their reputation and customer satisfaction.


Every professional movers can assist with packing as well. It is a service they offer upon request, so make sure to ask about it. Hiring packers and movers will save you time, nerves and you will make sure all of your belongings are safe and sound.


Local moving companies have different policies when it comes to prices. That goes for providing discounts during the week or higher prices during the weekend. Like in every business, moving has busier and less busier days as well, so it might be a bit more expensive if you would like to move on Saturday or Sunday. However, that depends on a moving season as well, so make sure to check with your professional movers if there is any price difference between days.


Since most of the local San Diego CA moving companies are charging the hourly rates, you are paying for your complete move once everything is done. When your move is done, you can choose how you would like to pay and if you would like to tip your movers.

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