In case you are in need of quality moving services look no further than City Pro Movers. We work with a team of professional movers to help make your moving process as seamless as possible. We make use of the most appropriate equipment to help ensure that your belongings are handled with the utmost great care. We are in operation in the Los Angeles, CA area. We are able to work with our clients from the very beginning to the end. This means that we are able to be there for you in the pre-planning stage, work with you during the packing stage and end it all after the unpacking stage if that is what you desire.

With the moving details you provide us, we are able to plan for a smooth moving process for you. Our range of services covers plenty of things from packing to unpacking.

  • Packing

    We are able to help our clients during the packing process. We are able to provide essential packing material to help move your belongings from the old place to the new place. We provide a full-service packing service to you our clients to help you make the move.

  • Assembling and Disassembling

    We are able to provide our clients with assembly and disassembly services. This means that if you have furniture that you need to move but which requires disassembly and assembling then we are the go-to company. The same applies to any swing sets that you may wish to move to the new location.

  • Load and unload inventory

    We know that moving can be a hectic time and sometimes keeping up with your belongings may not be as easy as you wish. With our inventory of your things that require to be moved we are able to help you keep track of your belongings. Our loading/unloading service is such that we inventory your belongings as they are being loaded and do the same as they are being unload; this way, you know which of your belongings are going in which room and which of your belongings you carried to the new place.

  • Household/Corporate move

    Whether it is a household or corporate move that you require, we are the company to contact. We help handle moves in as professional a manner as possible. In short, we at City Pro Movers are the company to contact in case you need to move from one place to another.